Kiara. Mayormente Kiri. 22 años. UPR-RP. Periodismo. Español & English. Bastante de todo, pero especialmente comida, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Tarantino, Battlestar Galactica, Pokémon, Final Fantasy, cosas que no tienen sentido, cosas que sí tienen sentido, cosas cursi, cosas kinky y algo de filosofía barata de la vida.


First month into my Master’s degree has been a drag.

The readings are a drag.

The three-hour courses are a drag.

Thesis will eventually be a drag.

But hey, it’s better than staying in my hometown doing absolutely shit with my life and having no car, no friends, no job and no possible future. Yep, nine readings a week (oddly) beats slowly going insane.

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"Will the circle be unbroken, by and by, by and by? Is a better home awaiting in the sky, oh in the sky?"